Regesta is an early adopters of semantic web technologies in fact it has started its first experience on linked data in 2010 in a mission critical environment as the Italian Chamber of Deputies, releasing (in 2011) a first implementation of a linked data platform (only in 2014 object of a W3C working Group)

In the xdams road map has planned the delivery of export tools able to transform data already stored in the XML database into RDF format

Reload project (Repository for Linked open archival data) has constituted the first step of this strategy addressed to linked data adoption. ReLoad project will foster experimentation with the technology and methods of linked open data for archival resources. ( )

Its goal is the creation of a web of linked archival data starting from Chamber of Deputies Archives,Central State Archive and Emilia Romagna IBC Archives supported by xDams team. EAC-CPF ontology defined during the project are now listed by W3C ( ).

Reload was a finalist at LODLAM Challenge 2013 in Montreal