The Open Memory Project ( is a crowdfunding initiative to support the culture of “open data” among institutions involved in research about the Holocaust. Laura Brazzo and Silvia Mazzini have submitted a paper to the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations to participate at the international conference in Sydney on June 29 ,

The paper has been approved by the technical commitee and it will describe the experience of the CDEC (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation) Foundation of Milan and its Digital Library ( Now Laura and Silvia have launched “Open Memory” (preparing the following interesting video too)  to collect needed fonds to attend the Global Digital Humanities Annual Conference ( and the third international Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums (LODLAM) Summit that will take place in Sydney next 29 June- 3 July 2015.

CDEC has been the first European Jewish institution to apply the semantic web technology to the scientific research on the names of the Victims of the Holocaust. Using the semantic web technologies, creating the first ontology on the Shoah domain, CDEC published the names and the biographical data of all the Jews, Italians and foreigners, who were arrested and deported from Italy between 1943 and 1945. The “Digital Library” project has beeen released by CDEC supported by regesta.exe using xDams and bygle platform.