OpenMemoryLodviewIn the shortlist of the LODLAM2015 Challenge (LOD for Libraries, Archives & Museums), the prestigious international competition that will be held in Sydney on 29 and 30 June, two projects, among five, are connected with xDams: LODVIEW and the Open Memory Project.

The last one aims to extend the publication of Linked Open Data coming from the Digital Library of the CDEC, the Jewish research center in Milan. The Digital Library has based on a digital architecture made by OS xDams and its integration with Bygle (, a Linked Data Platform.

LODVIEW is a LOD browser designed  diego_camardaby Diego Camarda, father of xDams and regesta architect, Lodview has been used in publishing projects as the CDEC Digital Library. The graphic design of lodview  has been designed by Alessandro Antonuccio of HStudio, Alessandro has designed also this website and many publishing projects regarding xDams archives.

regesta is the italian company that has relased xDams and Bygle and these results encourage us to continue on the way of a (O.S. published ) integration between xDams and bygle to reach a version that publish the xDams archives using Linked Open Data. In the coming days we will publish a more detailed information on these developments.