a_logo_fondciniThe Cini Foundation is certainly among the most prestigious Italian Cultural Institutions and from about a year was working on a project for the reorganization of its own digital assets according to its publication on the web, in order to share and spread the enormous capital of knowledge preserved on San Giorgio Maggiore island in Venice. The Fondazione Cini has chosen xDams as software on which to build its infrastructure, and regesta.exe, for development activities and consulting. regesta.exe is the company that has developed xDams and that since 2012 has released it open source.

On line you can find the institutes linked to Cini Foundation activities: the Institute of Art History, the Institute for the History of Venice, the Institute for Music, the Institute Antonio Vivaldi, the Study Centre for Research Document on the European Theatre and Opera, the Archive of the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies, the Centre for Studies in Comparative Civilizations and Spirituality and the Research Center for glass.