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Extraway is a software and a registered trademark by 3DInformatica released under GPL v2 for the xDams Project


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Download Extraway® XML Engine for xDams

Version Data type
eXtraWay OP win64  .zip
eXtraWay OP win32  .zip
eXtraWay OP linux64  .zip
eXtraWay OP linux86  .zip


eXtraWay® Server organizes and maintains its information units in XML format placed directly on the filesystem.

eXtraWay® server operates with two main entities: the data represented by XML files that contain the information units, together with their annexes information, and a map of these information units allowing you to identify them individually.

eXtraWay® proposes the use of an active instrument of persistence, indexing and search, able to grow and specialize with the archive and the application that governs it, in order to adapt to new application requirements and / or new data structures and rules required by the evolution of the standard



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