15 October 2013

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ANCI archive on line with xDams

The Historical Archive of ANCI (italian public administration cities association), managed by xDams O.S., has been published online directly...

24 November 2012

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Intesa SanPaolo Group published its historical archive thanks xDams Open Source

Intesa Sanpaolo is the leader in Italy in financial sector and it is among the top banking groups in the euro zone, The Banca Intesa Group has...

11 June 2012

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The Italian State Central Archive

The Central State Archive (ACS) in 2012 has started, supported by regesta.exe, the full publication of the entire documentary heritage thanks...

7 June 2012

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IBC Emilia Romagna

xDams OS for Emilia-Romagna archives network: interview to Alessandro Zucchini

Alessandro Zucchini, director of dell’Istituto beni culturali dell’Emilia Romagna, introduces xDams Open Source.  ...

9 May 2012

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The historical archive of Deputies Chamber of Italian Parlamient

xDams has involved in many project for the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Archivio Storico / portale Camera Luce ) regesta.exe is collaborating...

27 April 2012

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The ‘900 history in the Istituto Luce archives

In 2004 the Istituto Luce (now Cinecittà Luce) has started a deep renewal of the information system: adopting the platform xDams for the description...

10 April 2012

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The regional archives cloud, Ibc Emilia Romagna, cultural heritage in the public administration

The Institute for artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Emilia Romagna region (IBC) Ibc-Archivi have chosen xDams for the reorganization...

27 January 2012

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MAXXI museum adopts xdams for archives and collections

MAXXI Conteporary Art Museum has presented the new center for research and documentation of the Museum, the BASE – Library, Archives, Studies,...
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