6 July 2015

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On line with xDams the digital archives of the Cini Foundation, a rich heritage freely available for consultation of the Web

The Cini Foundation is certainly among the most prestigious Italian Cultural Institutions and from about a year was working on a project for...

27 January 2015

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In the International Holocaust Remembrance Day published the Jewish Digital Library by CDEC

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 70 years ago the Russian Army has opened the Auschwitz nazi camp gates. 70 years after...

21 July 2014

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xDams and N.Y. Pratt Institute: agreement to release the english version for trainging courses

xDams announced a prestigious partnership with Pratt Institute on New York to support (in cloud) the next courses of the School of Information...

20 February 2014

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xDams e Linked Open Data for Jewish Documentation Center of Milan

The Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center Foundation CDEC), is a non-profit research institute...

27 January 2014

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agreement between xDams and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage

The II Service of the General Directorate for the Archives of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage has announced, the sign of an agreement with...

7 June 2012

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IBC Emilia Romagna

xDams OS for Emilia-Romagna archives network: interview to Alessandro Zucchini

Alessandro Zucchini, director of dell’Istituto beni culturali dell’Emilia Romagna, introduces xDams Open Source.  ...

9 May 2012

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The historical archive of Deputies Chamber of Italian Parlamient

xDams has involved in many project for the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Archivio Storico / portale Camera Luce ) regesta.exe is collaborating...

27 April 2012

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The ‘900 history in the Istituto Luce archives

In 2004 the Istituto Luce (now Cinecittà Luce) has started a deep renewal of the information system: adopting the platform xDams for the description...
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