The project

xDams ( is a multimedia and document platform, specialized in the analytic description and management of various types of materials and information in the Cultural Heritage domain. xDams has been designed and deployed by regesta.exe, from 2012 it is available unader an Open Source GPL license.

The digital treatment and managing of historical and multimedia archives has based (documents, photos and audiovisuals), on four basic principle:

  • The XML database format used for the collection, arrangement, management and eliminates any problem of obsolescence and supports exportability
  • the dynamic adoption of international standard data description, thanks the flexible XML format
  • a cloud approach, in fact xDams allows for the management and access of remote archives, since the service is based on a Web application that requires no other software than a simple internet browser
  • Interoperability, starting  from the potentiality of XML, that helps exchange of data, to  innovative technologies as RDF and Linked Data


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