Regesta.exe, the company whi has released xDams,  is focused on digital treatment and managing of historical and multimedia archives (documents, photos and audiovisuals).

Its vision has strongly based on

  • the adoption of standard data description,
  • a cloud approach
  • innovative technologies as Linked Open Data.

Regesta.exe was founded in 1996 by of a team involved in two projects concerning the use of innovative technologies for multimedia archives: the historical archives of IRI (Industrial Rebuilding Institute) and the photograph and audiovisual archives of LUCE Institute. In 2008 regesta.exe merged into a newly constituted company which has acquired it’s brands and name.


The regesta team is composed by software specialists (architects and engineers), Archives and Description Standard experts, Cultural Heritage media consultants and Linked Open Data addicteds.

In these years regesta has been involved in heterogeneous projects regarding the italian cultural heritage, audiovisual archives, historical collection of music institutions, company archives, heritage of theathers, archives and galleries. Some of the most important cultural institutions are now its customers: the Italian Parlamient, Gruppo IntesaSanPaolo (bank), Cini Foundations, Florence City Museum, the Central Archive of State and many others.

Regesta.exe has been investing in research on tools for semantic web and Linked Data technologies since 2008. It has achieved important references and skills in this field managing large LOD repositories and automating LOD’s production processes and publications from legacy systems.

Recent history

  • In 2011 was created the complete catalogue of digital data and documents in Linked Open Data for the Italian Chamber of Deputies:
  • In 2011 was promoted the project “EAC-CPF Ontology for Linked Archival Data”,
  • In 2012 started ReLoad (Repository for Linked open archival data), a project that fosters experimentation with technology and methods of linked open data for archival resources (
  • In February 2014 the CDEC Foundation published, in RDF format, the complete list of names and data of the Italian Shoah victims.

Regesta adopts a quality assurance management system, formalized in a detailed manual and associated documentation, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.


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