xDams is presented as a web application developed entirely in Java 2EE – based on the Open Source Java Spring framework – which on one hand receives the requests coming from the Web front-end, and on the other interacts with the management level of the XML repository and of the digital library.

The structure, extremely modular (adjustable), can be entirely located in a single device or scaled on a variable number of machines in load balance or cluster for each of the levels. The entire software environment is completely independent from the installation platform, which can be licensed product (Microsoft Windows Server) or Open Source Software (Linux, in its different versions)

The web component (which can operate indifferently on the Apache web server or on the Microsoft Internet Information Server) uses DHTML technologies, CSS 3, Jquery. In the OSS Standard Edition version, the platform uses the Open Source version of Extraway XML DB.

Web Server

It represents the “front line” of the entire system. The http server components (Apache or IIS) and FTP server can be configured and scaled on more than one server machine managed by load balancing system (LBS). The installation and the configuration of the Apache MOD_JK connector, allows the tunnelling of the http stream towards the Application Server component.

The Application Layer

it is the back office application component of the platform. The heart of the xDams OSS system consists of a series of distinct web applications relative to the different subsets of archive(s)/database(s) available on the platform (historical, photographic, audio-visual, authority, user profile archives etc.).

The Data Layer

It is the component of the platform which guarantees the archiving of metadata and the persistence on a XML Repository directly on the actual (physical) file system.

The metadata archiving and conservation repository is based on an “open” technological solution in which data, actually, have conserved in XML format.

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