What does it do?

xDams is a XML-native platform developed to manage integrated access, search, and treatment of historical and multimedia archives on the web. This documentary service is fully developed as ASP. For every implementor it is possible – trough a simple web-based interface – to create, modify, organize and consult digital and digitalized resources in a shared environment and with a low-cost infrastructural investments.

xDams platform is peculiar for its interoperability, exportability, portability, and modularity.

Each configuration (from the viewpoint both of numbers of elements to view in the data input interface and values to show in the access interface) is embedded in XML files well formed. Moreover, the access methods (search, saving, editing projection) accord to “xQuery” and “xPath” W3C languages.

The core of the preservation and configuration process of XML files is based on Java framework (including open-source libraries), developed and maintained by regesta.exe

The application can be acceded in two main ways:

  • Data input interface: every registered user can enter through a personal user name and password; he can create, edit, organize, and accede entered data, according to the rights he wants to perform. This access is aimed at entering the descriptive records in compliance with methodological standards related to archival typology.
  • Public access interface: designed as CMS, customized on the basis of user’s requirements, and enabling to search and consult available archives

The data-managers have a procedure for publication of the archives processed through the Online Public Access Interface. It is possible to publish specific sections of an archive, selected according to the value of  “audience” attribute

To access the system it is necessary to insert a proper username and password, assigned previously by the Administrator. By clicking the submit button the list of databases is displayed

This list contains all the archival databases and the authority files activated in the xDams environment. All the registered users can see only the databases in which he is enabled to interact

  • The front-end interface allows to access and browse in different ways:
  • The Guide of the archival fonds
  • The hierarchical structure of the archival fonds
  • The finding aids
  • The list of the fonds creators
  • Free search and advanced search, the entire information system of individual sections or single finding aids

The platform enables the management of heterogeneous digital material, photographs, artwork, audio and audiovisual material. The document formats for the system supports any type of text file, mainly PDF and PDF-A. For PDF files-A platform allows indexing the text of a specific search index.

You can attach one or more digital files of different formats to each descriptive record images, video, audio or other digital format; attached files are stored in a directory structure of the file server, created automatically by the system.

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