What is it?

xDams (http://xdams.org) is a multimedia and document platform, specialized in the analytic description and management of various types of materials and information in the Cultural Heritage domain.

xDams allows for the management and access of remote archives, since the service is based on a Web application that requires no other software than a simple internet browser. It is a back end application with API’s that allow people to build public applications

The XML database format used for the collection, arrangement, management and exchange of data eliminates any problem of obsolescence and helps their exportability.

xDams platform is not just only an archival software “user-oriented”, but it is a real development environment for the implementation of custom applications for the storage and consultation of multimedia databases.

The data structure is totally open: the metadata are XML files well formed, so the person in charge of the archive configuration must constrain them to a specific data element set. However, the system allows managing and modifying the database structure after its creation as well, by adding or editing XML nodes without any difficult activity of export and import of that is stored already

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