Download here xDams v3.1.0 Palmyra (I)

xDams v.3.1.0 Palmyra

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This version has been released on Github on 30th august 2016

Release Note (by regesta.exe)

1) UPDATE  – mandatory fields (version: 3.0.7)

2) NEW ENTRY – API REST vocabulary mode (version: 3.0.8)
3) NEW ENTRY – added release version in web.xml (version: 3.0.8)

4) NEW ENTRY – xDamsLido configuration
5) NEW ENTRY – extraway database (windows)
6) FIX – INFO in shortTab
7) FIX – MultiEditingManager valoreNodo to valoreNodoNoHL
8) FIX – multilang exportMenu.jsp


Find Here the Extraway ® .zip.

Extraway is a software and a registered trademark by 3DInformatica released under GPL v2

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