xDams History

xDams has been developed by regesta.exe (regesta),  company based in Rome (www.regesta.com), starting from first project experiences in 1996 with ENEL (Italian National Energy Company), Istituto Luce (http://www.archivioluce.com)  and Camera dei Deputati (Italian Parlamient – Chamber of Deputies http://storia.camera.it/).

in 2002 xDams has been finally deployed by regesta , thanks to an international project funded by the European Commission (eTen program) with the collaboration of:

  • Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Délégation Régional des Affaires Culturelles Alsace
  • South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group and Network
  • Naples State Archive
  • Italian Institute of Archival and Librarian Heritage
  • private Companies (UK, France, Spain)

In 2012 xDams was finally released by regesta.exe under a full open source license (www.xdams.org).

In 2013 a research project named REload by regesta was one the finalists at LODLAM 2013. Regesta with some xDams users, the Cultural Heritage Institute of Emilia Romagna region (IBC) and the Italian State Central Archive (ACS), has started Reload in order  to define an ontology, compliant with  EAC-CPF description standard to exploit the Semantic Web. This ontology is now referenced in the W3C Listing

In 2014 xDams has defined an agreement with the New York Pratt Institute in order to release an english version.

in 2015 the first english version of xDams Open Source Platform was deployed by its team in partnership with the Pratt Institute. In the same year regesta has released its Linked Data Platform: Bygle Open Source as new step to introduce Linked Open Data in the Cultural Heritage domain

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