C+B-Babylon-MapThis is a new step of xDams (download now!!) in order to offer a more complete solution in the domain of Cultural Heritage cataloging, aiming to preserve it but also for its exploitation on the Web (discover the xDams users!).

Version 3.0 (release note for more details) is dedicated to the city of Babylon, becouse  it was multicultural and multilingual and  the main innovation of this version is the multilingual feature of the platform.

In particular, the released version is already configured in English with a version of the historical document archive (EAD ISAD). This achievement is the result of the collaboration, started last year with the Pratt Institute in New York, with Cristina Pattuelli, Farris Wahbeh and Alexandra Provo.

But the innovations are so many, from the art works and objects archive (ICCD OA)  to the user management. Are now available two new features: the way of  publishing your own archives using the current back end interface through an  hidden autologin, which allows the anonymous web user to access to search page without making any login.

It’s important also the “restfull” access interface, in beta, which will help independent developers to create custom fruition sites. The data export feature  allows data exchange and interoperability with other systems.

All the innovations of this version don’t close our job, in fact we are already developing (some already in testing) new features, from the art works and objects archive in English with standard LIDO to audiovisual archive according to FIAF specifications or the approach to the Semantic Web through integration with the Bygle platform for publishing Linked Open Data within Cultural Heritage domain.