Become an “xDams to WordPress” plugin beta tester, the regesta.exe team ( has released a plugin that will allow you to publish digital contents, cataloged with xDams, on a WordPress ( managed website.
Publishing will become easy, simply configuring archives by the back-end of WordPress, (fields to be displayed and their labels). In the pages and posts you can insert a simple shortcode (eg. [xdamsItem] id [/ xdamsItem] tab) to publish data directly from xDams.

You can insert a search form (free or by specific fields), results list, with or without a preview image. It will be possible to publish individual items and to build small Exhibitions. If you are able in PHP programming you can build your own publishing templates.

banner-archives-cloud-enThe plugin will be initially available for users of the free hosting service, you may contact us to participate in the test. regesta.exe will provide a dedicated WordPress environment and will support you for the plugin. We remember that at moment are availlable the following types of archives :

  • Documentary archives (EAD):
    • Historical (ISAD (G))
    • photo (ICCD F)
    • audiovisual (FIAF)
    • Art objects (ICCD OA and OAC)
  • Authority files Bodies, Persons and Families and Places (EAC EAC-CPF and customized for locations);
  • bibliography (MODS);

Email us now to “info” to request to be included in the test! In the next months the plugin will be released as official plugin