The Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center Foundation CDEC), is a non-profit research institute for the history of Jews in Italy in the Contemporary age. At the end of 2012, the CDEC Foundation, supported by regesta as technical and consulting partner, launched an important project to reorganize its information systems and archives and to digitalize additional documentary collections, for the largest collection of documents concerning the Holocaust in Italy (“Shoah”).

The main goal of the project is for the creation of a Digital Library to easily access, even online, to the institutions documentary heritage.

The Digital Library is based on an integrated architecture of xDams and the Linked Data Platform, Linked Open Data (LOD ) is the basis of the whole information structure and, together with the first Shoah (Holocaust) in Italy ontology, one of the major innovation of the project

In the End-point was published a subset of the “deported Jews from Italy” database. In this subset an attempt was made to interlink with data published by the Archivio Centrale dello Stato “Ministry of the Interior. Directorate-General of Public Security. Division General Affairs and reserved,Internal Office. A4 bis foreign internal and espionage 1940 – 1945