Gruppo familiare. *** Local Caption *** Fascicolo: Coen Brenno Segnatura:132Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 70 years ago the Russian Army has opened the Auschwitz nazi camp gates.

70 years after the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (CDEC – Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center – of Milan has opened its archives, full of data, documents, pictures and video interviews, publishing the CDEC Digital Library (

a_logo_mibacAn important heritage of our history, collected by CDEC during 60 years of research of experts and volunteers, is now available on the web thanks a project managed by Laura Brazzo, Michele Sarfatti and Liliana Picciotto and supported by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

famiglia_RavennaThe project is very innovative (more info), in fact CDEC has launched two years ago a deep reorganisation based on a new technological architecture, designed and developed by regesta (, in which the potentialities of the Semantic Web and Linked Data has been exploited.

Now CDEC can manage its entire information and document lifecycle directly by a software architecture based on the Linked Data Paradigm, born by integration of xDams Open source (Cultural Heritage specialized solution – of bygle linked data platform ( and the LOD browser Lodlive and Lodview (

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